Angelique Rabus

Scaping - The Constructed Landscape

Since the beginning the earth has been a constant pool of natural resources necessary for humans to survive.  Unfortunately, with the abuse inflicted by the rise in population those resources are depleting and the land is being sculpted or manipulated for the service of man. Mother Nature, however has always fought back with it’s awe inspiring strength and regenerative properties. Yet more compelling than earth’s power is man’s power over the earth.

This body of work is an abstract vision of the prospective landscape. It shows the extent humans have shaped the world and reveals both a rise and fall in the structure of the earth. The photographs are a conglomeration of two types of imagery; the existing landscape and the chemically manipulated human figure. One indicates a sense of realism while the other references the part humans have played with this reconstruction.  The work is not meant to be an exact portrait of Earth’s future, but rather an abstract representation of what could be and a glimmer of hope earth is powerful enough to rejuvenate itself, in our absence.