Angelique Rabus

Scaping: Transformation through Abstraction


A portion of my work is dependent on the careful manipulation of the process I use.  Mordançage allows my work to take on a stronger level of naturalism, which makes my work visually organic.  I focus on addressing the aesthetic qualities of fine art, keeping in mind the strength that visual and compositional balance have on the importance of aesthetic beauty. 

Traditionally, mordançage was a process of delicacy.  Chemicals slowly lift the emulsion from a silver gelatin print and can only be preserved with a careful hand.  I respect its delicate quality but the imagery that emerges from me becomes rugged and/or dirty. Still somehow, the process captures that sensual effect it has always held in the past.  I fear if that sensual effect would be lost, the product would be chaotic, lacking in simplicity and my own expressive statement.

The appearance of the human figure has always intrigued me and has become the basis for my work.  We pull, stretch, and cover up our bodies in order to appeal to a majority of the population.  Similarly, we manipulate our earth to become aesthetically pleasing by landscaping it, changing the natural order, and creating our own order.  This work is a dictation of that combined idea.  I use the process as a tool in order to landscape the human form to represent the land abstractly and aesthetically.